Thursday, July 17, 2008

What is Joy?

I need time to think about it.
Plenty of time, actually.

Anyone care to help me out?
You may feel free to voice out by typing it in the comment box.


Joy is when knowing God is in control of your life.

Joy is when people inspired you what God have done in their lives.

Joy is when people really show their love and care for you when you needed it the most at a point of your life.

Joy is what you will experience when things went wrong, but at the later end, it turns out something good.

Joy can be seems quite rare, but it is in everyday of our lives.

Joy is not about being happy alone. It meant to be shared.

So, readers... what else joy is to you?
I shall leave it the rest to you to put on your thinking cap and feel free to add to the comment below.

Have a joyful day :)


Evelyn said...

Writing is a joy, God put me in your life is a joy too hehehhehe :P

I got Mamee yesterday :) My honey said not healthy hahahahha...but he ate it oso..faster than me...can you belive that? He is a joy as well..

Blog Reader said...

Reading Evelyn's comment is a joy. Muahahahaha...

Evelyn said...

hahahhaa...True True..who can give you more than I do? hahahaha

Anonymous said...
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✞ Đ ä ɳ ї ệ Ŀ ✈ :: said...

Evelyn is self-praising pulak :P