Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Tuesday, 4:11pm.
No, nothing significant about the time. I just couldn't think of a proper title for this blog. I have been away from this blog since early January this year. The reason? Well, there are plenty, and plenty enough to be an excuse - lazy-lah, no Internet at home-lah, dunno what to write-lah, can't think of anything-lah, etc.

Last weekend was a great time of learning about faith. In the Christian world, you will get the hear the message of faith throughout the years, decades, and even most in the coming centuries. Had it become the central topic of our Christian lives for such long? Is there an end to this topic? I think, the answer is a no. Because the Bible holds a never ending story when it talks about faith. It's very exhaustive when you keep thinking about it. But the human mind can never able to comprehend the amount of faith that we need to place in our lives. We see it. We hear it. We feel it. We taste it. And we touch it. Faith is everywhere and it encompasses the very nature of God for men to go through.

I think faith generally can be found anywhere, everywhere, anybody, everybody, anytime and every time. It's just so amazing when I realized that God is still often amazed by human's faith. Faith must be something really keep God amused and entertain, or in an encouraging word - it inspired Him.


Mind boggling-eh, my readers?
I guess I wanna stop typing this for now. I will come back to type more of it once when my mind made it up. Until then... ta!

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