Thursday, January 29, 2009

What a CNY~

Start the early morning journey back to Taiping.
Turn on some CNY music on the way back.
Trying to keep my eyes open wide while traveling. Basically just to help my cousin to stay alert as she drove.

I saw the sign board - Bidor.
Guess what? Nice "wu kok" is over there.
So we all decided to pull over there to have our yummy breakfast!
But alas, we got lost along the way and couldn't find the restaurant. It was still pretty dark and I hardly can spot the buildings along the way. Luckily we made a U-turn and found back the restaurant.
Man... we were all tired and hungry.
Aiks... mana tau the "wu kok" is only ready after 7am? Sigh... so wait lah and order something else.

Continue our trip back to Taiping again. We reached in an hour time.

Crash landing into my grandma's room. I realised that she'd installed an aircon in her old wooden house. So tired and sleepy and couldn't be care less... I slept through till 11 something.

Grandma prepared noodle for me, despite my declination. The noodle tasted abit weird, but I finished it anyways.

finally it's time to savor my grandpa's infamous "Kou Youk"!
Ooh... it tasted soooooooo goooooooood!!!!!!!!
The flavor is soooooooo goooooooood!!!!!!!!!
He make about 30 bowls of it, which the 10 he sold to others while he kept 20 to serve the remaining guests who would come to our house for lunch.

Next day, my aunts and I learned how to cook the "Kou Youk" under the supervision of my grandpa. Quite a task to prepare this meal but it's worth the work! However i accidentally cut 2 of my fingers... gosh... quite deep and bled alot.
Aunts kept complaining that my grandpa loves to sharpen all the knife. Yeap! It's really sharp that I can easily cut the tough meat with much ease :)
Thank God that my fingers still intact >< hehe~
Grandpa was so quick to tend to my injuries. He quickly applied lotion and bandage to my wound. Very grateful to him :)

The next day, I found myself not really having much of an appetite to eat coz i felt my tummy really bloated. I wonder why... which I later found out that I kena food poisoning... so i really had to go to the toilet more than 8 times.

Argh... there goes all my yummy foods!!!

Finally come back to KL. see doctor. pujuk the doctor to give me a medical leave. paid for the ubat. went back home to rest. ate instant noodle from the cup. went online to check mails and catch up buddies online. take ubat and rehydrate my body. in the middle of the night, I had to attend to my bigger nature call 2 times... sigh.......

Now... out of boredom... i type tihs post. Dunno what else want to do, besides waiting for my food to come home. I called Mike to help me to buy some bread and Milo packetes coz I have been famishing today...

Meanwhile, as for you readers, do eat properly so that you can enjoy more foods. don't end up like me ya.

Take care :)