Monday, July 30, 2007

That's the title of the lesson that my church learned about from an awesome brother called Harlem Salim. He is a brother from Jakarta, Indonesia and he is leading a church there with his wife, Varnia Salim. Both of them were invited by my church over last week to preach and to inspire the church here in KL. They both are really amazing couple, so simple and so down to earth. Their life indeed truly a blessing for many those seeking God. So last week, my church really had one of our best treats to able to listen to the lesson that they've prepared J

Harlem was so smart and funny throughout the first lesson that he preached on this topic titled above. That night he preached a lot about love. Second Corinthians 5:11-15 truly touched my heart as I read of the love of Christ that can really compel us to love others. I thought of how Christ really willing to die on the cross and face up all kinds of trials to bring us hopes and forgiveness. Surely we don't deserve all of these. I thought of the moment that I can be so fearful of getting hurt, fearful of rejection from people, fearful from all kind of uncertainties, but you know what, readers? The real antidote to fear is love. So amazing :) In actual fact, love is really contagious. It spreads and infects others to do the same.

I really keep wondering how can the Bible can be really so amazing when it talks about love and certainly in the book of Philippians 2:1-4 really reminded us again about the way to show our loves to others is to take our time and heart to look into the interests of others and consider them better than our own. So amazing :)

Later Harlem started to share a moving story that really reflect the parallel of Christ's love for us. His family decided to have a holiday at Bali couple of weeks ago. Bali is well known for its infamous tourist spot to spend the entire time at beaches. I decided to take the effort to check out the surfing high waves of Bali. Indeed, the waves are truly amazing! It can reach at height of about close to 8 feet high! And so he brought his daughter, Tasha for a wave ride and sooner this little girl got a good hang of it. Then Harlem decided to bring her to an even further inside so that they can be at the top of the high wave. Suddenly they both caught up by the strong currents and decided to swim back with the kids without panicking. It got soon really dangerous and they try to keep swimming back to the shore but not much of a distance covered coz the current kept pulling them back. Everyone really got tired and that's when Harlem started to remember God and called for His help. Amazingly a handsome young man was surfing close by and saw them. He quickly jumped down and offer his help after much persuasion from Harlem to save his daughter. Harlem really shared that he couldn't bear to lose his daughter and let her die in the sea. He was even willingly to sacrifice his own life just to save his own daughter so that one day his daughter can live more to be a disciple one day. Thank God, the miracle was really amazing and they managed to swam back to the shore safely and dead tired. Later on Harlem told Tasha that they almost died if they had not really tried hard to swam back. What a shock Tasha had after hearing this from her dad. That moment, Tasha really thanked her dad so many times for saving her life. Wow… just like how Christ really did that for all of us 2000 years ago.

Next, Harlem preached about having vision. A dream. It could be one or many. It's contagious too. Taking a simple example of Thomas Edison who created the first bulb after thousands of attempt to light it up really help us to see what vision are like. Of course, the results are never instant but as long we continue to put more effort and not to give up easily, our rewards is soon to appear true. Don't forget, vision can be contagious. Once when people heard of such good plan, they sure will spread more around so that others would benefit from it as well.

In Matthews 9:27-29, there Jesus was approached by 2 blind men who wanted to be healed of their blindness. And it's so amazing that they can put a big faith that Jesus was able to heal them! So readers, do you lack faith when trials come? Do you not believe that God is able to perform many great things before your eyes? At this point of the lesson, I was thinking of the song called "He Is Able" which I heard many years ago. I got the song in mp3 and hopefully I can share and introduce to the song leaders of my church so that we can try it out and sing to inspire the whole church that God is able in every situations :)

I know that it's so certain that we can be so moved by great and inspiring dreams when we see it. However, the cliché is that most of us overestimate what we can do in short periods of time, but we tend to underestimate what we can do in longer periods of time. What do I mean by that? For instance, let's say that you want to buy a Toyota Vios. And you estimated that you would be able to get it by next year with a monthly salary of RM1K. What happened after that? Well, the chance for you to get the car is not possible at all. You've overestimate yourself. As for the underestimate, try figure it out yourself. You will get it there :) So therefore, let's be realistic and put our hope and trust in God. Only God is able, remember?

Ah.. .after listening that preaching in the end, my heart really felt relieved and inspired to do more for His kingdom. It's worth the try. It's worth the effort. Everything about God is really worth. Trust me. I have seen God works out for many things which may seems impossible. So readers, at the end of the day it's always our responsibility to be considerate and thoughtful of others and inspire them to do good things :) So, strive your best to be contagious in doing good. It can really make a lot of difference in this sad world.

Until then, I better make a move now. Got meeting up with my Bible Talk to discuss more amazing plans to inspire people more. Take care :)


Hi folks! Goody day to you all :)
How are you? I’m still fine, in fact, feeling very excited to type all these out here at 12:45am earlier at midnight. No… there’s no coffee beside me for now to keep me awake (I’m allergic to it actually). I just need to make small decision to blurt all these out here.
So here you’re folks, as promised, this will be the first few posts due to come to keep this den alive and colorful :)

Let me confess here why in the first place I did not keep up with this blogging thingy for a long time. Three simple reasons. First, there’s no Internet at home. Second, coz I’m really lazy. And third, I don’t know how to express my thoughts through words. So therefore for now, I shall do my best to change that and to put my heart to share with you all thru this blog.

So folks, I’m trying to make this den here cozy as possible. Feel free to grab yourself some drinks and snacks and grab your favorite pillow to cuddle on. Just don’t touch or cuddle that lions. I’m not going to be responsible for whatever happen.

Folks, as I’m sharing and coming up with more posts in the future, I hope to keep this den alive as possible, but definitely it won’t works if you don’t want to give your one cent worth of comments. Your every one cent worth of comments is very much appreciated to keep me more motivated to type more :)

Later, I will share something else next of what happened in my church last week.
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Friday, July 27, 2007

Dear readers, it has been a long long long time that i didn't post up anything here. A glance of it, it sure seems stale and dead, and cold as if you're in a den of lions.

Recently, a dear friend of mine, Clara from Singapore really inspired me with her blog. And one of her sections talk about 'missing out' blogging that really encouraged me to ponder what are the goodness of blogging - to inspire others! :)

So for now, I decided to take a change of it and brighten it up with more sharings what went through the thoughts of many as well as mine. Surely life would be amazing to live on when you are able to share it with others. Hmm... I just got a PDA with a 1.2Megapixel camera, though not quite a feat to capture a very good picture, but I will still make use of it to post up pictures to brighten up this den :)

So dear readers, take heart and wait in anticipation to be inspired! (I will try my best, though!)

Until then, I can already get to taste the path towards simple and basic journalism (Hehehe!) :)