Monday, July 30, 2007


Hi folks! Goody day to you all :)
How are you? I’m still fine, in fact, feeling very excited to type all these out here at 12:45am earlier at midnight. No… there’s no coffee beside me for now to keep me awake (I’m allergic to it actually). I just need to make small decision to blurt all these out here.
So here you’re folks, as promised, this will be the first few posts due to come to keep this den alive and colorful :)

Let me confess here why in the first place I did not keep up with this blogging thingy for a long time. Three simple reasons. First, there’s no Internet at home. Second, coz I’m really lazy. And third, I don’t know how to express my thoughts through words. So therefore for now, I shall do my best to change that and to put my heart to share with you all thru this blog.

So folks, I’m trying to make this den here cozy as possible. Feel free to grab yourself some drinks and snacks and grab your favorite pillow to cuddle on. Just don’t touch or cuddle that lions. I’m not going to be responsible for whatever happen.

Folks, as I’m sharing and coming up with more posts in the future, I hope to keep this den alive as possible, but definitely it won’t works if you don’t want to give your one cent worth of comments. Your every one cent worth of comments is very much appreciated to keep me more motivated to type more :)

Later, I will share something else next of what happened in my church last week.
p/s: PSU a bit (PSU – please scroll up)


Living Surfer said...

Our comment is worth more than one cent, for you information. By the way... did you read all these comments or not? Never see you reply...

✞ Đ ä ɳ ї ệ Ŀ ✈ :: said...

oh, really? i didn't know that i have to reply.

Living Surfer said...

Now you know la... next time reply so that people know what you think with their comment.