Thursday, January 17, 2008

*HAHAHA* I Wanna Laugh At Myself!

Daniel as *Biggie Nosey*

Daniel as *Nutty Professor*

Daniel as *Tree Trunk*

Daniel as "Alien Heado"

Daniel as *Toad Mouthie*

Daniel as *Fatso Face*

Daniel as *Jackie Chan Nosey*

A Faint Resonance

Hilo there!

I am back! Where have I been? Wondering around the world. My world, I mean.
Well, basically I have been just pure lazy to type something in this blog, like I have been leaving it for decades!
Besides being just pure lazy, I have been caught up with other things like my job and in my minstry tasks. This month is really a high month both in my job and in my role in church. I hardly can contemplate between those two because both are equally important as well.

However, this month I really fret and complained alot in my job. 'Coz I have to work till very very late night close to midnight! One time, I worked till the next morning until my head really cannot make a turn >< *adoi...* really really cramped and painful. Moreover, when my bed misses me alot. Funny, I still get all those cramped neck coz I don't really have a pillow. Anyway, I will surely source around for one good pillow to lay my tired heavy head.

As for the ministry, I really feel great and excited to see my fellow Christian brothers and sisters coming out from their comfort zones and actively and tirelessly sharing our faith! Our church have been holding so strongly in reaching out to people through street evangelism and I am truly proud of what we are doing! There's no other churches which I have been through or in mind would do that in KL alone.
The notion and the sensation of seeing my fellow Christians doing this is truly amazing! We have gotten alot of contacts as in the form of mobile numbers, business cards, emails and various correspondence. With all these contacts, we made alot of follow up calls and invite many to join us for a minum and makan and getting to know them and sharing the purpose in life from the Bible :)

This month, I truly salute alot of people in doing this cause for the seeking and saving the lost as commanded and exampled by our Lord Jesus :) To God be the glory, amen!