Friday, December 7, 2007

*Tek Tek Tek Tek Tek Tek Tek Tek Tek*

Yesterday was a super hectic day at work.
I need to prepare up many scripts for testing of our upcoming system which will be launch next year February.
While in the midst of doing my job, ordering people to do this and do that, getting into long and boring and intense discussions how to deliver the project efficiently

And then out of the blue,
Well, that's a loud SMS ringtone from my old trusty Nokia 1100 :P

"Sigh....", I wondered, "who is it?".
"WOW! Someone done wanted to date me on on the 1st of January!", I exclaimed as I read the SMS.
Big smile started to swell around my face, and I've forgotten that I looked gloomy the whole day job earlier.

My colleague stared at me and wondering why am I so smiley suddenly. But good for him, he got a happy colleageu accompany him during the intense job :D Hehehe!

Finally, I would like to thank that person for brightening up my day!

Next, later in the evening at 10:34pm I've completed The Word study with a friend and he's so looking forward and encouraged to know that the Bible is indeed a no ordinary book :) The LORD is so ever to be praised!

Indeed, yesterday is a good day to be remembered :)