Monday, August 13, 2007

"Trust In The Lord" by Six Pence None The Richer

Hi all :)
I wanna introduce to you a very nice song of comfort and assurance when you're facing your rough time. Hope that you would feel encouraged after listening to this song. Enjoy!
*p/s: please click on the video to play.
Trust in the Lord with all your heart
Lean not on your own understanding
In all of your ways acknowledge Him
And He will make you paths straight
Don't worry about tomorrow
He's got it under control
Just trust in the Lord with all of your heart
And He will carry you through
Lord, sometimes it gets so tough
To keep my eyes on You
When things are going rough
But when I turn my eyes up to the sky
And I hear Your voice, it says to me
*repeat chorus*
So child do not be weary with the troubles
Of this world I have overcome
*repeat chorus*


Dear people, i'm so busy...
Will be back soon with more posts. I've got plenty to post up there, but I don't have the time of convenience to do so.
Take care.

Friday, August 3, 2007

"The Friendship Assessment"

Hello folks!
How are you? How is your day? Got enough rest/sleep?
Well then, today i would like to introduce a book that i'm currently reading now. It's a one great book about relationship. After reading few chapters, i get to appreciate every single relationship that really mean alot to me. So therefore from now on, I want to treasure every singe relationship from this moment on.

OK, so here is something fro the Relationship book that i want to show you all.

This is a exercise that will help you to evaluate the current conditions of each of your friendships. It will take about ten minutes or so, depending on how many friendships you evaluate.
Have a few specific friends in mind and then answer each of the following True and False questions as honestly as you can.

1. T/F - This person knows how to keep a secret.
2. T/F - We can disagreee and then make up without holding grudges.
3. T/F - This person almost always makes time for me, and I do the same for him/her.
4. T/F - When he/she gives me advice, it is generally without judgments.
5. T/F - I can totally be myself around this person.
6. T/F - He/she is a good listener.
7. T/F - This person has stuck by me through tough times and is willing to make personal sacrifices for me.
8. T/F - This person knows my faults, but loves me anyway.
9. T/F - Our relationship is balanced with give and take; we are equally vulnerable and caring.
10. T/F - I am able to set clear boundaries with this person when necessary and he/sehe respects them.
11. T/F - No subject is off-limits in our conversation.
12. T/F - I can always count on this person.

1. ___ Total numbers of "T" responses for [your friend's name].
2. ___ Total numbers of "T" responses for [your friend's name].
3. ___ Total numbers of "T" responses for [your friend's name].
4. ___ Total numbers of "T" responses for [your friend's name].
5. ___ Total numbers of "T" responses for [your friend's name].

Scoring: Add up the number of True responses you have for each friendship you evaluated. There is a possible total of twelve points for each relationship. To interpret your score, use the following:

10-12: No doubt about it, this is a good friend who is worth all the effort, care and investement. You will want to do all that you can to nurture this relationship and enjoy it.

7-9: Although this person could be more sensitive to your needs, this friend shows great potential. Be careful, however, hot to set yourself up for disappointment if this person doesn't meet all your expectations.

0-6: This friend is probably too fair-weather to see you through stormy times (and maybe even the sunny ones, too). Don't hang all your hopes on this one.

So there you are, folks :)
You can answer it all by commenting it down here.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

What had happened been 2 fruitful nights since last Monday and yesterday to see many things have been accomplished.

On the last Monday night, I met with all the leaders in my group, comprises of Calvin, Scott, Catherine, Hannah and Evelyn. We sat down and settle to talking and evaluating of our current Bible Talk's weaknesses and areas that need to change and grow in. That night itself, it's so easy to share out all the weaknesses and failures than the goodness of the Bible Talk. At the end, I personally felt encouraged that we all decided to take own personal responsibility to repent and change to be a better servant for others.

One of the sisters that I want to lift up here after the meeting is Evelyn. Evelyn is one of the great sisters that I know of. She's someone who can speak the truth with so much gentleness and can really melt your heart. I thanked for her truthfulness in telling me how I have been inwardly focus into my own problems, my own thoughts, or simply being in my own world as things revolved around me that required my attentions. I thanked for her telling me the truth of how unloving I have been and tend to give cold shoulders to many people. I have to learn to be warm to people again. I have to learn to bring joy and smile to others who are close to my heart and not leaving them out. Certainly I am taking this as challenge well to repent and to grow in loving people. I thought of how Jesus can be so warm and approachable with the people at that time. He never failed to give his attentions and really touched so many lives. His demeanors and gestures truly increased with more compassion and grace for others. People really felt impacted a lot to see this Jesus, who is so different from other great people in history. How amazing :)

In the end, we really gave hugs to everyone and encouraged each other. It was really warm and filled with friendship love :)

The second night on Tuesday was another fruitful one! That night, Scott and I studied the Bible with a friend called Michael. Throughout the Bible study session, I was amazed that Michael continued to give his heart and mind to understand God. He really enjoyed the opportunity to know God through The Word study. It helped to open the eyes of his heart to see how the Bible can really change many people lives for the better. He realized that the Bible can be so useful and so practical, even to today. It's not a book of technology progression; it's not a book of just story or historical events. It's the only book that speaks to the heart of every human being. I prayed that Michael will continue to be eager more and more in knowing God. In the end, we taught him about prayer as one of the process in growing to know God better and the Bible will be the mediator to speak to his heart.

Dear readers, I don't want you all to underestimate what the Bible can do. We maybe so naïve and can think highly of ourselves that we know what or which is better suits to our own life. If you are at doubt, why not take a moment to comment and let me help you to clarify for you. For your information, I personally am willing to set up appointment to study with Bible with you all who are seeking to know God. Just let me know when and where :)

OK, don't forget to leave your one cent worth of comment coz I will appreciate it :)