Wednesday, August 1, 2007

What had happened been 2 fruitful nights since last Monday and yesterday to see many things have been accomplished.

On the last Monday night, I met with all the leaders in my group, comprises of Calvin, Scott, Catherine, Hannah and Evelyn. We sat down and settle to talking and evaluating of our current Bible Talk's weaknesses and areas that need to change and grow in. That night itself, it's so easy to share out all the weaknesses and failures than the goodness of the Bible Talk. At the end, I personally felt encouraged that we all decided to take own personal responsibility to repent and change to be a better servant for others.

One of the sisters that I want to lift up here after the meeting is Evelyn. Evelyn is one of the great sisters that I know of. She's someone who can speak the truth with so much gentleness and can really melt your heart. I thanked for her truthfulness in telling me how I have been inwardly focus into my own problems, my own thoughts, or simply being in my own world as things revolved around me that required my attentions. I thanked for her telling me the truth of how unloving I have been and tend to give cold shoulders to many people. I have to learn to be warm to people again. I have to learn to bring joy and smile to others who are close to my heart and not leaving them out. Certainly I am taking this as challenge well to repent and to grow in loving people. I thought of how Jesus can be so warm and approachable with the people at that time. He never failed to give his attentions and really touched so many lives. His demeanors and gestures truly increased with more compassion and grace for others. People really felt impacted a lot to see this Jesus, who is so different from other great people in history. How amazing :)

In the end, we really gave hugs to everyone and encouraged each other. It was really warm and filled with friendship love :)

The second night on Tuesday was another fruitful one! That night, Scott and I studied the Bible with a friend called Michael. Throughout the Bible study session, I was amazed that Michael continued to give his heart and mind to understand God. He really enjoyed the opportunity to know God through The Word study. It helped to open the eyes of his heart to see how the Bible can really change many people lives for the better. He realized that the Bible can be so useful and so practical, even to today. It's not a book of technology progression; it's not a book of just story or historical events. It's the only book that speaks to the heart of every human being. I prayed that Michael will continue to be eager more and more in knowing God. In the end, we taught him about prayer as one of the process in growing to know God better and the Bible will be the mediator to speak to his heart.

Dear readers, I don't want you all to underestimate what the Bible can do. We maybe so naïve and can think highly of ourselves that we know what or which is better suits to our own life. If you are at doubt, why not take a moment to comment and let me help you to clarify for you. For your information, I personally am willing to set up appointment to study with Bible with you all who are seeking to know God. Just let me know when and where :)

OK, don't forget to leave your one cent worth of comment coz I will appreciate it :)

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Living Surfer said...

From now on, don't give me cold shoulder again o... only bring me joy and smile... kekeke...
by the way, the wrd 'with' in "I personally am willing to set up appointment to study 'with' Bible with you all who are seeking to know God" maybe need to change to 'the'. Cheer :)