Thursday, December 4, 2008

Please wait

In case you are looking for something
Or expecting something,
Please wait.
Wait patiently.

Sooner I will post up something which is outdated.
The outdated post will be entitled, "8".

This post is harder to put up 
Coz alot of thinking are required
And alot of words have to be carefully selected.

Sigh.. I'm so perfectionist.
Forgive me...

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Apparently... I'm stuck with words.
Actually I'm stuck in blogging. 
Sometimes I don't know what sort of words to express out.
Maybe I should draw instead.
But not now...
Or maybe I should type it like a poem instead also.
But not now either...

I'm stuck.
Called me indecisive, if you wish.
But I'm stuck.
Because I seek perfection.
That is one true weakness about me.
However, I must grow to learn to accept failures and imperfection.
After all, I am not perfect either.

I must have been hard on many people all these while.
With this in mind, I seek for your forgiveness from you all if I had acted such manner to you.

So next year, I shall be better in accepting weaknesses.
It will be one of my new year resolution.