Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Apparently... I'm stuck with words.
Actually I'm stuck in blogging. 
Sometimes I don't know what sort of words to express out.
Maybe I should draw instead.
But not now...
Or maybe I should type it like a poem instead also.
But not now either...

I'm stuck.
Called me indecisive, if you wish.
But I'm stuck.
Because I seek perfection.
That is one true weakness about me.
However, I must grow to learn to accept failures and imperfection.
After all, I am not perfect either.

I must have been hard on many people all these while.
With this in mind, I seek for your forgiveness from you all if I had acted such manner to you.

So next year, I shall be better in accepting weaknesses.
It will be one of my new year resolution.


1 comment:

Blog Reader said...

Do it both... write a poem and draw a picture. Gao tim.