Friday, July 27, 2007

Dear readers, it has been a long long long time that i didn't post up anything here. A glance of it, it sure seems stale and dead, and cold as if you're in a den of lions.

Recently, a dear friend of mine, Clara from Singapore really inspired me with her blog. And one of her sections talk about 'missing out' blogging that really encouraged me to ponder what are the goodness of blogging - to inspire others! :)

So for now, I decided to take a change of it and brighten it up with more sharings what went through the thoughts of many as well as mine. Surely life would be amazing to live on when you are able to share it with others. Hmm... I just got a PDA with a 1.2Megapixel camera, though not quite a feat to capture a very good picture, but I will still make use of it to post up pictures to brighten up this den :)

So dear readers, take heart and wait in anticipation to be inspired! (I will try my best, though!)

Until then, I can already get to taste the path towards simple and basic journalism (Hehehe!) :)



Living Surfer said...

Hi yellow duckling. The swan is here to visit you. Wakakaka... :)

Seh Yen said...

gambate... thanks for the heart of wanting to inspire one another although will be quite busy bt will try my best to visit ur blog. ^^