Friday, July 25, 2008


Actually, it's a HTC Cruise - a PDA phone.
I decided to name it "Baby" the moment I got hold of it.

So what's so cool about this gadget?
Honestly speaking, I am not really a hardcore gadget guy. It's just something that I must invest on it and it's a need.

It costs me almost RM2K, but it's still worth it because of many useful functions and uses.

Aside from the cost of this device, this device is really pretty when you see it. The main features are :
GPS - hooray! Now I won't get lost in a massive road of KL. And I won't be duped by some cunning taxi drivers who often take a longer route in order to squeeze out my wallet.
WiFi - most laptops are heavy and lugging it along can be such a hassle. With this PDA, I can just carry it easily and simply order a hot chocolate milk drink from Starbuck and then I can online using its free WiFi connection.
3G - Sigh... I'm using a DiGi prepaid line actually and 3G is not supported yet.
EDGE - Oh... at least, I can still use this feature to online whenever got emergency.
Faster processor - at 400Mhz, it's pretty fast for such a small device.
Well, there are more.. but lazy to type it.

But overall, HTC Cruise is really a good device :)

I really marvel at how technology nowadays can really change the lifestyle of people.
I think technology really helps to bridge people whether they may be friends or strangers. It's a marvel to live in this 21st century :)


pk said...

hey, so admire this gadget u have la. i for sure will get one wen i come out to work, so u wait and see ya is really a very nice designed one. n it definitely will take away the always-hanged-dying PDA phone u hav. so count ur blessings ya hehe....

Evelyn said...

hehehehe...brothers :P (Rolling my eyes)

Anyway...happy for you finally got your new toy..

John said...

bro, your quick to write a blog on this :P 2 days...
But I totally agree on what you said about the features. The only downside is that you don't have a 3G network. You'll spend most of your time keeping your hair down when you have 3.5G, but will burn your pocket if your don't have a "Unlimited" access package. Edge is still far from it...

Blog Reader said...

PK, don't think so much... you won't have much to spend on your fisrt few years...

John, what's your blog adds?