Monday, July 21, 2008

Durian! Durian! Durian!

Durian - the king of the fruits!

It's the durian season once again! Millions of people in Malaysia here will throng themselves amongs the orchards, supermarkets, or even at the stalls located at the road sides.

You will either love it or hate it.

Sorry folks for the short post. My mind really went blank what I should type it here about durian. Honestly durian is not really my cup of tea. But I still enjoy eating it, especially together with friends and family. Do you realize that eating durian is always a a social gathering? Everyone sit around the durians and slurp and gooble up the fruits. And if you notice, you will hear alot of sound effects - "slurrp...", "pui-tui!", "nggmmm...", "haaahh... (exhaling the breath)", etc.
All of these really make up what make it interesting for social gatherings.
Have fun tis' season of durian-ing!


Evelyn said...

I Hate it! :P Sorry fans

pk said...

lolz........hating it!!!??? so sad :p personally, jus ate 3 durian yesterday, thanks to my friend, after my convo rehearsal hehe....superb crazy!!! probably too long time nvr touch miss it. even bought the Durian Durian from Bread Story, jus for the durian taste (tho not as good as ori)n i am going to hav more wen i am back to hometown hehe....