Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Cooking Pan No-Jutsu!

Finally I bought a new cooking pan! :)
Thousand of thoughts now flood in my mind as I imagine what I am going to do with it. I took the liberty to cook my own lunch since I was on leave from my work. The wall clock is now ticking towards the lunch hour, as my stomach starting to make noise. It's really blessed to be a man being prompted by sheer hunger and even more blessed that cooking is his specialty :P

While humming "Amapola", I took out one egg, one tempura fish fillet and two hashbrowns from the fridge and set aside ready to be cook. I took out the new cooking pan and take some time to read the instruction. I know most people don't do that, instead they just rip open the product and start using it immediately and to their final horror, things can turn out more harm than good. Hmm... reading the instruction helps alot. It said here, that you can only use your hands to wash the pan with little detergent, so that the Teflon coating will last longer. I washed it with water and with my bare hands and wipe it dry with a kitchen towel.

Tik tak! OK, the fire started already :)
Pour the cooking oil... and wait for the oil to heat up and spread evenly across the pan. Crack the egg and perform the sunny-side-up-no-jutsu! Oooh... the smell of the cooked egg is delicious without even tasting it! (Are you drooling already?)

The next 'jutsu' will be the hashbrowns - gotta add more oil.
Psssshh... Ouch! Ouch! Those hot oil starting to splash onto my feet. Adoi...
OK, this side up done. OK, next side up. OK, done. Set aside on the kitchen tissue towel to absorb the excess oil.

OK, the final 'jutsu' called the Ala-Fillet-Fish-No-Jutsu! This is more Japanized coz you see, this fish fillet is coated with tempura! Hai! Fry! Flip! Fry! Flip! Swoop! Done!

Aah... what a glorious lunch! To compensate with all these oil riched foodie, I decide to complement it with a wholemeal bread :) It turns out pretty delicious and satisfying in the end after all the hard work :)

"God, thank you for the food and be grateful about it. Amen". OK, time to chomp!
Ngam-ngam-ngam... slurp-slurp-slurp... ngam-ngam-ngam...


Evelyn said...

hmmmmm..yum YUm Yum....making me hungry

pk said...

haha.......2nd attempt of commenting to mr foo's blog :p. the pan i nvr used, but looks wonderful to make good omelet hehe......jus manage to help wash up in the guided instructions given by him to make sure it can last long and good to be used. haha........