Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Psalms 119:105
"Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path." (KJV)

Ever since i got Baby (pardon me, it's my PDA), I get to play with its GPS function. It's a very useful feature because it really guided my friend and I whenever we traveled to unfamiliar places. Its navigational capabilities never failed to amaze me as it shows the right direction towards the designated destination.

I just picked up a new quiet time series last night. It's a book called "Knowing God", prepard by John Louis. Reading it under the table light, I tried to read it as much as I could as my eyes getting more sleepy. Despite of that, I knew deep down in my heart... I really yearned to know God more, even more.

I know many times I have sinned, but I can't help to acknowledged that many of of my worst sin is failing to understand God is truly a Being, and not a concept.
For the past couples of weeks, the attitude of my heart was revealed whenever I pray... I knew that somehow, there is something lacked there.

Feeling indifferent? Definitely...
Feeling inadequate? Definitely too...

So I decided to take this 10 days challenge to get back my heart for God... even so ever having the full understanding and accompanied by feeling of closeness to the Almight God.

I will be posting up here and there of what I will discover.
So for you, readers, if you happened to be in the same state as I do, do contact me personally so that I can pray for you. I will be ever so glad if there is at least one person can sit in the same boat with me.

Until then... next time :)

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Weird@@ said...

hmm...i see the need for GPS in penang, but only if i am driving la...cos my fren told me the road here can hardly b figured out of the goings...it is jus complicated. lolz.

so how is ur God-knowing process?

i am desiring so much to kno God more n more, n so to understand Him better, hence His wills...