Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A: "Hey, what are you doing?" B: "sudoku-ing..."

Any of you enjoy playing sudoku? I know some hates it. I know some loves it. And I know some crazy about it.

My dear friend, Corrinne, loves it alot. She plays whenever she can find time to do so. Chatting with her online is no-no whenever she's glued to it. She will most probabyly give a very short reply. That's how she loves it so much.

To me, sudoku is very mind boggling for my brain. I just couldn't get the correct combination of numbers ranged from 1 to 9. Maybe I'm poor at Math since young. I used to count using my fingers for I must see. If I'm embarassed to count using my fingers, I would take out some "biji saga" - those bright red color seed from an Angsana tree. Its bright color will keep me entertained and full of attention. Maybe next time, I will use the "biji saga" to play sudoku. How is it so? You go figure-lah!

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