Monday, October 13, 2008

First Day in Panasonic!

I finally landed in my first ever multi-national company. I have always dream of working in one big big company. And so amazingly, I got it! So, is it by my effort? No... not really. Only part of it. But first of all, give thanks and all glory to God for blessing me and making this dream comes true. And not to forget to extend my thanks to Grace for her untiring time for arranging me to get interview in Panasonic and even willing to fetch George and me there :)

Guess what? This morning I woke up very late for my first day of working!!! So late that I have to take a cab that costs me RM50 to get to Cyberjaya :( the moment I paid up the fare, I felt truly foolish at myself. Well... this is the consequences for sleeping late and waking up late... Ah, so regretted!

Anyways, I was greeted by few Panasonic geeks and they made my day better :) Most of them were shy to approach me. So I decide to make the initial approach to walk around and introduce myself and had a short talk with them. Malaysian Chinese, Vietnamese, Indian, Pakistani, Malays, even mixed bloods... wow... memang multi-national company :D

Afterward, I was introduced to a girl that almost look like Sun Yan Zi! In my heart, I almost wanted to call up Je Wei and told him that I met Sun Yan Zi :P HEHEHE! She's so nice and started to introduce to me more of her gang. And we went for lunch together :) Or am I having lunch with a superstar? HAHAHA :P

However, most of the time I am doing in the office is just reading and reading and reading. No... I'm not reading online news or articles or blogs or whatever on the Net. I have to force myself to read up their previous projects. To be honest, it's really bored for my eyes until I almost dozed off several times. Oh yea... the policy of the company is that we are not allowed to go chat online like MSN and Googletalk :( SO SAD... Actually I can access it, but I kept looking around but none of the Panasonic geeks surfing the Net. All of them doing their works very seriously. Wow... in my heart, I already felt so struggle because I am so used to have all these access in my previous jobs. So now... I am taking this new challenge to restrain myself and not be tempted to do unproductive things during office hour. So since because of that, I don't think can access my personal emails, chat, or do research, etc. I think I better apply for an Internet line at home liao... SIGH... What a pain.

All in all... working for Panasonic is a bitter sweet :) but I guess I have to learn to take up to this new challenge in working for this company. Definitely, I will always continue to glorify God in this new job so that I can impact these geeks there. Do please do me a favor to remember to pray for me ya :D 

Until then... next time another blog :)

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