Monday, October 6, 2008


Disappointment is a horrible feeling, don't you think so? It's just somewhat or somehow things don't really goes as planned. Sure, the expectations will play most of the part in the plan too. However, despite the odds... you still have to made it up whether how you wanna feel after the disappointment settled.

Well, here are some of the things that got myself pretty disappointed about. Do bear in mind, I just wanna share out only and I have no intention to blame others or make others feel bad.

1. My Bibletalk group had a day trip to Bukit Melawati at Kuala Selangor last week Thursday during the Raya holiday. There was a pretty bad planning around there with the time management and many impromtu and unforseen things happenings that dampen the time of enjoyment together. Ended up causing most of us feel rushed and didn't have a quality time together as a group.

2. This coming Saturday is an encouragement day for my Bibletalk but some members in my group spaced out and they had other plans in mind. When they found out about it, they are like shifting the blame to me and expecting me to remind them. Of course, I will still need to accept my responsibility in reminding them ahead but I wish that they will take own personal responsibilities to check the schedule and adhere to the Bibletalk planning.

3. I can't get to meet my best friend from Brunei as she is not very flexible with her schedule as she's busy attending some seminars.. I intended to show her the place around here in KL and just want to have time to catch up our friendship. She will be flying back to Brunei this evening.

4. My small LED black torchlight is lost. Borrowed to a brother but he lost it somewhere, either in his car or at his house. The torchlight is very meaningful for me and I have been using it to navigate whenever I am in the dark. I hope someone would be able to find it.

5. There are more... of course, I won't want to share so much of it here since it's very personal for me :)

Sigh.. at the end of it, someone did encouraged me to look at the bright side. She asked me what are the good things I see from the whole situation and my answers are:
1. Hmm.. well, I got few people ask me out of concern what I am disappointed about, and
2. Somehow, I need to learn to take it easy and cheer myself up despite the odds or whatever negative outcomes. It sure will make some differences :)

Well... disappointment is still part of our lives. It sure can make us all dull. But with the help of God and by making right decisions and by looking at the sunny side, it's not so bad after all :)

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Weird@@ said...

ganbatte bro!!! bright side is good :), am learning from there, to grow to b stronger in character, in seeing opportunity for growth hehe...cos i see tat i need to grow in my character so much...cheer up ya...