Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Taxi! Taxi! Oi! Alah... Apa nih?

Thank God for cabs aka taxis! Nowsdays, you can find cabs easily around KL city. Sometimes they just whizz past you. Sometimes they would stop once you halt our your hands, and sometime lifting a finger will do the trick.

If it not for these taxi man, I wouldn't be able to get around for my work, meeting clients, meeting appointments, evangelisms and going to church. Otherwise, I will be late too...

However the most amusing thing about taxi is always the driver. You meet all kinds of driver. Here are the list below that I can think of so far:
  1. Quiet-Quiet Type: this one would drive you to your destination without talking much. Just show him the directions if the driver is unsure. For this one, you can play with your phone, fiddle with your hair, looking around, etc.
  2. Grumpy Old Men: this type can be quite grumpy. But rest assured, they won't scold at you. They just scold at the traffic jams, other cars cut the queues, sudden halt when a car quiickly slow down unexpectedly. Be prepare to hear their vulgar words, though.
  3. Playing politicians: Most taxi drivers are very into the current Malaysia politics. Along the way, you can hear them vent out anger and frustration about the government and political situations. You still have to be prepare to hear all sort of vulgar words too which is even more drastic than the Grumpy Old Men.
  4. Rare Species: Ah... imagine, a taxi driver greets you a "Good morning"! And then along the way, you can have a nice morning chat as he drives you to office. Ah... this one i called it a Rare Species. Have I meet one? Yes, once! Not only we had a good chat, but he further entertained me with his built-in video player. You literally can watch movie in his taxi :) If you get into this kind of taxi, you are in for a treat!
  5. Dumpsite: This is one I detest the most. The entire car smells of cigarettes, sweat, and other funny weird weird smell. Sometimes it can be so unbearable that I have to wind down the windows to let out the stench smell! How can this kind of taxi drivers so unhygenic? May their business rot...
In conclusion, you will never know what kind of taxi drivers you might encounter. But pray tell that you can still reach your destination safely and cheaply if possible, despite the odds; otherwise meeting the Rare Species will be a super bonus!

Until then, remember to greet the taxi drivers first when you get into their cars. You will leave a good impression about yourself :)


Blog Reader said...

May their business rot...? Beware.. the evil thought...

By the way... this template nice meh?

✞ Đ ä ɳ ї ệ Ŀ ✈ :: said...

it's not the best template but it still comes to my liking.

Weird@@ said...

yalo, so evil one ye.... :p

i met a few quite geng one, one was his sickness, the skin keep peeling off, it is everywhere in the taxi!!! was controlling my breath cos don want to breath those 'dust' :(,

one was like gangster, i ask"wah so expensive ah", the driver said"u want to pay or not!!??", this is really sweat...cos it was raya, n i was in jb, rushin back at nite cos my grandma passed away...n ready for intense session with my family some more lolz...

it is interesting for u to share about those experiences hehe

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