Thursday, September 25, 2008

How To Gain Weight?

Losing weight is what most people trying to achieve. It takes great effort to do it.
Gaining weight will be the opposite? No.... definitely not!
It takes great effort to put on weight as well :)

So today if you think you are losing weight too much, it's time to put on some back before other people see a walking skeleton :P
So i'm going to share some few tips on how to gain back your weight!

1. Diet is a number one thing. Diet will determine the shape and size of our body. To put on weight, you will need not to eat in excess. You simply just need to practise healthy eating habits. First, please makan your breakfast in the morning. It's very important because the food will provide you with more energy as you carry with your daily tasks. If you don't eat your breakfast, your body will end up burning the calories in your body and gradually you will start losing weight. Then have your lunch at a moderate amount so that you won't feel bloated and sleepy afterward. However if you happen to doze off to dreamy land, take heart :) Coz you will put on weight gradually. And when dinner time, try to eat it moderately as you need not to burn so much of calories. Save your tummy with some yummy snacks! Snacks taste better during the night :P But seriously, I don't encourage late night supper as it can cause adverse effect to your digestion.

2. Do exercise! Many people have wrong perception that exercise will lose weight even more. Well it is true to some extent but exercise can help to shape and tone your body. With proper diet, you can eventually gained a healthy weight.

3. Rest and sleep is very vital! Our body need to rest after all the hard day work. If you don't sleep or rest enough, your body will still keep burning more calories and fat. In addition, stress caused by a tired body can further lower your weight. A good sleep and rest constitute all the body cells to be functioned properly and work towards renewal as in repairing cells and restoring back new cells. It is advisable to sleep a minimum of 7 to 8 hours per day for adult, while more than 8 hours per day for children.

4. Take some health supplements. You will need the proper vitamins and minerals as they are the building block to give strength and health to your body. Though buying health supplement can be a costly investment, you can still opt to take more fruits and eat leaner meat. You can best stay away from unhealthy fat as it won't do any good to add the weight because it can affect your blood circulation. If you have some money to spare, do invest in reputable health supplement :)

5. Lastly, don't be shy shy to accept food from people who want to share with you. It will benefit you in getting back your weight :P

I hope you can follow thru this suggestion here in getting back your weight. After all, God did reminded us that our body must be healthy so that we can continue to glorify Him when we carry out His divine tasks. Surely, God won't want to see a living skeleton walking about - it's sure look weirdo!

Until then, happy makaning! Happy sleeping! And happy exercising!


funikotony said...

Huhu... you mean we shy to accept food is it?

Next time eat gao gao~

Blog Reader said...

wakakaka.... I think he purposely put up this for 'someone' to read especially those who claim to be underweight.

✞ Đ ä ɳ ї ệ Ŀ ✈ :: said...

this post is not meant to ridicule anyone in particular.

Bryan said...

The basic principle on how to gain weight is to take some extra calories in your body. Consistency in work out and weight gain plan and yaking some Natural Health Supplements is also important at gaining weight for you.

Weird@@ said...

wah,blog reader, who is the someone? lolz...not me rite?

i reli am tryin hard to put on weight le...i agree with u, putting on weight is not easy oso leee...nid money to eat healthier than wat i am having now :p, hope so la haha...but if skinny oso nvm, must b healthy haha...