Wednesday, July 15, 2009

it was like a 'Mafia' game

"OK, let's play Mafia! And now everyone go to sleep."
"Go to sleep, all of you..."
"Mafia, mafia... wake up. Who do you want to kill?"
"OK, mafia... please go to sleep"
Blah... Blah...
"OK, everyon wake up!"
"It's a horrible night... someone died!"

Familiar with game?
Hahaha :D
Now I am going to share with you an unforgettable story that has happened during my trip to KK.

Saturday afternoon.
We got to know that our flight to KK has been delayed for an hour.
But still we eagerly anticipate and willing to wait more longer at McD, killing time by chit-chatting and having meal together.
Finally, it's time to check in our luggages. But the queue was so long, making me pretty irritated by AirAsia's management... "mastaka neh..."

Anyways, we finally boarded the plane and it took off in no times. The flight was pretty rough... lots of turbelances up there. The plane kept shooking up and down, side to side. Scary! And the worst of all, there was drop descent of about 3 to 5 seconds, and it sure makes our hearts racing with sweat and fear and wondering what could be worse.
Nevertheless, it was a total relief when we finally touched down in KK at about 10:30pm.

After retrieving all of our luggages, we walked out to meet Joedee, our tour guide, who waited us outside the arrival hall. And we quickly load up the vans and some followed into his car as well, heading to the hotel for a rest and to get our tummies filled.

The next day after the communion...
It was 10:30am...
The ground was filled with feets shuffling here and there.
Inaudible noise filled the situation.
It was pretty tense.
A woman kept nodding, while cowering her mouth to the cellphone so that she could speak louder.
And the news just arrived. It was a horrible day... someone died!
Apparently, Joedee has committed suicide by inhaling carbon monoxide in his car and in front of his church.

When we recieved the news, most of us couldn't believe it and still in doubt that there could be some foul play along this time. Some of us thought that he just set this up as a ploy to escape himself with the money. Some of us were laughing our heart out over the news because we do not know how to react to it. But alas... later did we know, it seems to dawn on us that the news was pretty very much genuine. We also heard about Joedee's family who went to the police station to make a death report.

After that, we decided to change our plans to something else since we are not even allowed to climb up to the KK mountain. But at least we managed to rent two vans to travel up to Mesilau in the highlands. We had a short and refreshing hike there and managed to marvel at the mountain of Kinabalu. It was a marvelous sight! We took alot of pictures and did alot of poses here and there.

As the evening approaches, we were treated with a sumptous feast of steamboat. But the funny thing is, both Kim Seng and Vinnes became our food rationer. They are pretty good in controlling the food intakes of the brothers. *Hahaha! We also had a game and a time of sharing our thoughts and feelings about the whole trip with everyone, which kinda refreshing in spite of the cold temperature.

The next morning, we woke up after a cold night of sleeping, was really good too. We woke up by the smell of the eggs frying in the kitchen. Some of us were pretty amused by the sight of three brothers who helped to cook the eggs together. Later on, we washed up and did our quiet time and had a morning prayer together while marveling at the sight of the Kinabalu mountain and its terrain. Since the smell of the breakfast got stronger and stronger and we couldn't resisted the hungers triggered by the wonderful smell, we quickly ended our prayer much shorter. . .

Later on, we went to visit the cow farm. We took alot of pictures there and even try to get closer to the cows. We also tasted the fresh milk as well, quite a different taste. Huh, but guess what happen after that? As we about to leave the farm, we ended up having have to pay RM3 per entry per person. Such a cunning marketing scheme...

Anways, we drove back to the city, get back our luggages and head off to the airport. Sooner... we said and wished everyone a goodbye and had a smooth flight back to KK.

P/S: I won't be able to post up any photos here, but you can check it out in Facebook's photo albums. Enjoy!