Monday, March 30, 2009


the den here is pretty dark.
i know some of you have been anticipating when will i start to blog again.

honestly, i can't be bothered to do it. perhaps i need a constant reminder from people, telling me "hey kakibulu, what happen to your blog ah? so silence wan..."
only i will start the engine to write.
there was a rusty sound, you know...
my fingers just wouldn't budge to type - except for work related things.

Hmm.. what should i write here?
I think i need to comment that my Internet speed here is pretty slow.
It became slow since last week because our household Internet usage have violated the broadband's Fair Usage Policy. however, the speed will catch up and go back to the normal speed starting 1st April. well, let's hope the broadband service will not play a trick on that day.

April is coming soon.
too many things to do and to accomplish.
first, this month is the Bibletalk month where we want to take the chance to invite friends to join us and to know God. 
next, the upcoming SEA Conference in Singapore in the 2nd week. everybody can't seems to wait for it. some opted to go there by planes, cars, buses and trains. i wonder if there anyone going there by boats?
April also will be the month to set up more Bible studies. i have to really move myself and my group to focus in making God knowns to others. i don't want another fruitless results. i really hope to see fruitful ones. 

ah... also i have been eyeing on a particular netbook - the MSI Wind. can't wait to get it soon :)
I have planned to get a new one though as my current laptop of 5 years kept giving me trouble. i know it's going to die anytime.

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BLog Reader said...

The broadband will not play a trick but rather will april fool you. beware...