Thursday, January 11, 2007

A Friend ... Accepts you as you are.
Believes in you. Calls you just to say "hi."
Doesn't give up on you.
Envisions the whole of you (even the unfinished parts).
Forgives your mistakes. Gives unconditionally.
Helps you. Invites you over.
Just likes being with you. Keeps you close at heart.

Loves you for who you are.
Makes a difference in your life.
Never judges you. Offers support.
Picks you up. Quiets your fears.
Raises your spirits.
Says nice things about you.
Tells you the truth when you need to hear it.
Understands you. Values you.

Walks beside you.
X-plains things you don't understand.
Yells when you won't listen.
Zaps you back to reality. (Author Unknown)


baby roro said...

luv this article ... perfect friend's quality :)

Anonymous said...

Who is baby roro?

Evelyn said...

I think she is Nicole :)

ExcitedAli said...

siapa pulak anonymous?

but wht do we have to says if questions like .. if friends is so simple and perfect, why do we still need God?

Evelyn said...

I think Anonymous cannot be God lah

george said...

This is great site bro, keep it up.
but how are we to answer the test? i guess mentally.

bye for now. i will come back again later.


Anonymous said... name is eduarda and i live in brazil i studyd 8 years is USA and im 14 years in brazil there is a book (SAS 9°) that has this text in it! i loved it and its realy cool! kisses! bye...